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Idle Hour(617) 1464 Hancock Street Quincy, MA


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Grilled Wings $16 gf

house spicy wing sauce, buttermilk aioli drizzle

Fried Pickles $10 v

thin & crispy house pickles, honey dill dip

Salmon Tartare $15 gf

ponzu, crispy tempura pearls, grille jalepeno oil, scallion

Cripsy Brussels Sprouts $10 gf

aple cider reduction, pickled carrot, ras al hanut

Hummus $10 v

lemon, confit garlic, pickled carrots, grilled flatbread

Caesar salad 9/16

romaine, chipotle dressing, anchovies, house croutons, parmesan

Green Eggs and Ham $9 gf

A twist on classic deviled eggs, North Country Smokehouse bacon

It’s OK to Be Selfish

Shakshuka $15 v, gf

poached eggs, spicy tomato, caramelized onions, sautéed peppers

Steak & Eggs $30 gf

hanger steak, two sunny side eggs, home fries, dressed greens

Duck Hash $17 gf

eggs, duck confit, diced potato, caramelized onions

Mushroom Frittata $16 v gf

roasted mushrooms, parmesean, watercress, truffle vinaigrette, home fries

Eggs Benedict

poached eggs, house english muffin, classic holindaise

Thick cut bacon – 16

red pepper, broccoli rabe – 15 (v)

Ricotta Pancakes

Seasonal- brown butter apple 13

buttermilk- butter, vermont maple syrup 12

chocolate Chip- powdered sugar Vermont maple syrup 13